About Us

Roman - owner / founder
Roman Gaming was created after 6 year old Roman decided he wanted to sell his very own gamer chairs in a brick and mortar store at the start of 2021. Since that wasn’t possible and he was spending so much time at home during these times opening an online store and starting the Iron Roman YouTube channel seemed like a fun adventure to embark on. After a couple of months of crazy ideas and big decisions he and his dad have worked little by little to bring his dream to life setting goals to advance his business into far more than just an online store. Aside from making his first sale before graduating kindergarten the main goal of Roman Gaming and the Iron Roman Youtube channel is to raise funds to buy a capable 3D printer that he can learn to use for the creation of prosthetics developed by E-Nable. It's a foundation that anyone can take part in to create printed hands and arms for children who can't afford prosthetics. We invite you to take part in our community updates and how to help at ( Coming soon but until then subscribe to our website and follow/like us at @romangamingstore on IG and FB ).